Be the professional photographer who confidently tackles wedding assignments in ANY location

  • Not enough light in a dimly-lit church or reception venue?
  • Not sure how to light a busy Chinese tea ceremony?
  • Not too happy with the videographer’s light at an Indian wedding?
  • Not a problem.


Comprehensive Ebook Guide for Multicultural Wedding Photography Lighting Techniques


Andy Lim of Emotion in Pictures reveals how he uses speedlights to complement available light at multicultural wedding ceremonies or wedding receptions, to create amazing wedding photography.

Unlike portrait photography where you have the luxury of time, wedding day photography is fast-paced and unforgiving to beginners, because events happen very quickly and you only have one chance to get it right.

Here’s What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to use multiple speedlights positioned strategically at Indian weddings, Chinese tea ceremonies and Christian weddings.
  • Discover why speedlights bring a new dimension to wedding lighting at plain-looking venues.
  • Work with the videographer’s lights instead of fighting them.
  • Harness the ballroom spotlight to your advantage.
  • Get insights into how wedding day bridal portraits are created very quickly and easily.
  • Work with lighting for indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor wedding venues confidently.
  • React quickly and effectively to unplanned changes in reception venue lighting.

Book More Weddings!

With a portfolio that shows off your versatile lighting skills, you will be able to book more weddings outside of your current comfort zone. Challenging lighting at weddings is the norm rather than the exception. Learn to tackle these situations by mastering the use of speedlights and available light.


Meet Your Clients’ Expectations

Walk into a wedding shoot confidently knowing that you can handle any type of photography lighting challenge you’re thrown at. Because your clients expect you to.


Learn The Lighting Secrets Used By A Professional Wedding Photographer at Multicultural Weddings

Masterfully lighting a wedding is one of the keys to beautiful wedding photography. Wedding photography lighting works alongside emotion, timing, composition and post-processing to create wedding photography masterpieces.

  • 63 pages of incredibly detailed information on how to light different types of weddings (Indian, Chinese, Church weddings, receptions and many more).
  • 29 lighting diagrams to show placement of lights and other factors that affect your outcome.
  • Over 60 multicultural wedding images by Andy Lim, used to illustrate the lighting techniques.

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Proven Methods That Produce Amazing Results

Wedding Photography Lighting

Apply the lighting techniques taught in this guide now, and they’ll work for you wedding after wedding. This guide uses a fine-tuned methodology distilled from our collection of SimpleSLR photography guides.