Learn To Take Better Pictures in 4 Hours

The best way to learn photography is plenty of hands-on practice. This is even more true for beginners, where reading from a camera manual is absolutely the worst way to learn photography.

This beginners’ photography handbook takes you by the hand and leads you step by step in discovering photography skills using a camera with manual control (usually indicated by a setting marked ‘M’ on its top dial). Usually these cameras would be either a DSLR (digital SLR) or mirrorless camera.

You will be taken through photography exercises that show you exactly what to do after changing your camera settings. The exercises build upon the previous ones, and let you discover that ‘aha’ moment after performing the exercises. Andy’s approach emphasizes deep understanding, and strives to make photography simple. Learn to take better pictures in 4 hours with this e-book!

Adapted from an Actual Photography Workshop

The basic photography techniques taught in this beginners’ guide are distilled from Andy Lim’s PhotoGuru Photography Workshops. Having this e-book is almost like being there at Andy’s workshop.

Designed to quickly get you up to speed with basic photography principles, and provides a platform for you to experiment and refine your techniques.

This is not another e-book on photography theory. Instead, Andy provides plenty of hand-holding using easy-to-understand conversational language.