More Indoor Portrait Photography

In VOLUME 2 of the 3-volume companion guides Portrait Recipes (available individually or as a bundle), various portrait scenarios in indoor portrait photography are illustrated, and 8 different detailed lighting setups are revealed.

Detailed diagrams showing placement of lights (be it speedlights or available light) accompany each scenario, with EXIF settings shown, and my thought process described.

Portrait Photography Lighting Tips

These are the 8 scenarios in this volume of Portrait Recipes. Each scenario comes with its own set of challenges, and I will reveal lighting techniques for portrait photography that include:

  • how to solve indoor portrait photography lighting challenges on a case-by-case basis
  • change the look of the portrait easily without tedious post-production
  • how a speedlight-lit portrait compares to one that was shot entirely with available light
  • quick guerrilla-style lighting techniques that deliver results with a basic set of equipment
  • portrait photography with speedlights

With these tips, you can create natural looking photography with flash, and confidently tackle any lighting situation during your next portrait or wedding shoot!

Preview of Portrait Recipes Volume 2


Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

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