Be the versatile portrait photographer who isn’t afraid of flash photography

Get started today with flash photography, a crucial skill in a well-rounded portrait photographer. Andy Lim of Emotion in Pictures reveals how he combines speedlights with available light to create compelling portrait photography.

Develop the well-balanced portfolio your clients want

Take control of your lighting, a key aspect of wedding and portrait photography.
Light your portraits using 3 methods: speedlights, available light and natural light.


SimpleSLR Portrait Lighting is the anchor guide that covers the foundation skills for using speedlights effectively. Topics include:

  • Budget Pro Lighting Kit and Equipment Checklist
  • How It All Comes Together
  • Soft Light and Hard Light
  • The Relationship of Light Source Size and Softness of Light
  • Using Light Modifiers: Softbox vs Umbrella
  • Exposure Control using Speedlights
  • How Do I Set the Power on my Speedlight? (click to view sample page)
  • The Effect of Shutter Speed on Flash Exposure
  • The Relationship of Aperture and Flash Power
  • Flash Exposure Table
  • Flash Sync Speed
  • Matching Flash Power with Ambient Light
  • Cross-Lighting with Flash and Ambient Light
  • Using High Speed Sync
  • Mixing a Monolight with Speedlights
  • Shooting Wide Apertures in Bright Sunlight
  • Out-of-Focus Backlit Backgrounds
  • Freezing Motion with High-Speed Sync

Easy To Follow and Apply To Your Own Portraits

Simple lighting techniques that create powerful results. Created very quickly using the most basic equipment. Replicate the same amazing results in your own shoots!

Bundled with Portrait Recipes (3 Volumes)

Portrait Recipes VOLUME 1, 2 and 3 (available individually) are companion guides that contain 24 different detailed lighting setups where various portrait scenarios are illustrated and tackled. You will see why Andy chose the settings he used, and also be able to see how different settings would have resulted in a different feel in the portrait.

Versatile Lighting Skills from 24 Portrait Lighting Setups



Proven Methods That Produce Amazing Results

Portrait Lighting + Portrait Recipes

Apply these techniques now!