The Complete Bundle: Lighting Mastery (Wedding and Portrait) + Beginners Guide

This comprehensive set of 6 e-book guides contain essential skills for both beginners and wedding and portrait photographers. Wedding photographers and portrait photographers will love the lighting bundle, a complete lighting guide which will challenge the way you see and use light. Something useful for everyone.

In addition to the beginner-level Hands-On Photography Guide, this bundle also includes essential lighting guides for wedding photographers and portrait photographers. These are the Portrait Lighting Guide, Portrait Recipes Vol.1,2,3 and Multicultural Wedding Photography Lighting.

Each technique is documented with detailed lighting setups, and illustrated with examples of creative portraiture and multicultural wedding photography by Andy Lim of Emotion in Pictures.

Here’s what you will get:

Portrait Lighting Guide


Begin your journey to lighting mastery with this technical guide. Learn the basics of lighting with speedlights, using light modifiers eg. umbrella, softbox and snoot. Make your light soft or hard by controlling the size of the light source. Discover the effect of shutter speed on the ambient light, and balance your foreground exposure with background.


Portrait Recipes Vol.1, 2 and 3

Expand your repertoire of lighting skills with 24 examples of different lighting scenarios. Mix color temperatures, complement your speedlight output with available light, and get creative with the use of your speedlight as key light, hair light and fill light. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

ebook-thumbnails-weddinglightingMulticultural Wedding Photography Lighting

Discover how Andy Lim captures Indian weddings, Chinese tea ceremonies and Christian weddings in his signature lighting style. Learn professional techniques in tackling challenging wedding reception and wedding ceremony photography lighting.

ebook-thumbnails_handsonphotographyguideBeginners’ Hands-On Photography Guide

Learn to take better pictures in 4 hours. Step-by-step photography exercises let absolute beginners discover photography at their own pace. Holding you by the hand, this beginners guide uses simple exercises to help you understand the fundamentals of DSLR photography.

Proven Methods That Produce Amazing Results

The SimpleSLR Complete Bundle

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