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  • Sample Page from the Portrait Lighting Guide:

    SimpleSLR Speedlight Portrait Lighting Tip
  • Portrait Lighting Techniques and Wedding Photography Lighting

    On-the-job skills of a wedding and portrait photographer, revealed using an approach that is easy to understand. Instant digital downloads at prices that are a steal!

    Efficiently Organized

    Pages packed with useful information and how-to lighting diagrams. Illustrated with actual portraits and wedding photography by professional photographer Andy Lim.

    Less Is More

    Concisely written and laid out. Contrary to popular belief that more pages are better, SimpleSLR digital photography ebook guides get the point across with fewer pages.

    Elegantly Crafted Photography Ebooks

    Landscape format PDF e-books designed to read well on your screen. Works on any computer or Ipad. Print them out if you like!

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  • Nasroullah Dinally { Your ebooks are excellent , no-nonsense, to the point and very easy to follow and duplicate. As a wedding photographer for almost 20 years I highly recommend these e-books .Thank you and keep up the good work! }
  • Shane Santos { Thank you Andy Lim, the ebooks are too good.Lots of learning material and practical examples. }
  • Emanuele Calvagno { I learned a lot about the use of artificial lights in the mixed environment. Thanks very much }
  • RazerFanz Genesis { I am an enthusiast and I self learn photography on my own with the help of trials and errors as well as books, online tutorials. I'd always have trouble with getting the right lightings. The portrait recipe ebook that i purchased are very useful and easy... }